Advisory council for a community

Posted at 01 Apr '17 by Kommio
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Community is a group of people from different backgrounds, ethnicity and culture living in a certain area. For a community, it is important to grow together and for that collaboration is necessary.

In addition, a community needs to provide a collaborative platform where people from a different group in the community can share their knowledge and opinions regarding the progress of a community. Moreover, for the sake progress of a community, it must form partnerships with different companies which it can benefit from so make sure that all the terms of the agreement are clear, the community members and the members of an institution must sit together on the same platform to negotiate. 

A community advisory council is an advisory board that consists of representatives from the community and an institution come together to discuss and communicate information to one another. An advisory council can bring a lotof people together to improve the quality of life in the community by forming partnerships with different firms improving the infrastructure of a community. Moreover, it can have multiple benefits which are as follows: 

Importance in the business society

Employer branding

Employer branding is promoting a company or an organization. It’s a process by which a company attains its business plan. A target population is selected from which a specific employee is selected, this helps the company have different people from different groups so that they can attract maximum members of the society. 

Review tool

An advisory council is an excellent collaborative community platform to engage the customers and assess the customer satisfaction. In the world of business, everything revolves around the customer and so does your company. In addition, the stronger your customer service and care is the more your company grows and the best way to assess this is through customer reviews. 

Collecting customer reviews

· You can also use social and online collaborative tools such as offering software services for customers to critique and place their opinions. This would help you to know your brand loyalists as these the people who are willing to invest in your brand name so feedback from these customers means a lot and can be used to assess customer loyalty. 

· As a strategy to collect the data from your customer it would a lot easier to gather the data if you had some collaboration app which would help you keep the data organized and sorted so that you can access your data easily. 

· Involving the community members helps you get data that what the customers actually think, this can be achieved by making co-operate communities in which you can keep the engaged members for discussion regarding the customer and your company. 

· The social network is a great platform to connect with your customers and collecting data regarding your brand. Social network page can use as a brand strategy to attract customers and promote your company. 

· When running a business the toughest thing to do is keeping your customer interested and loyal to the company which can be done through some ways listed below:

Loyalty programs

Taking care of your customers keeps them attracted towards you. To ensure that the customer stays with you, you have to keep him interested which can be done through running loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are offers and deals often given to the customers who stay loyal to the company and make purchases often. These can as small as coupons and special discounts but this makes the customer feel appreciated and keeps them interested in buying. 

Collaborative platforms

This may not seem that much important but to the customer, their opinions meana lot and associating with a company that listens and understands their needs is very meaningful. So to provide such collaborative platform company should improvise in thinking of ways where both the customer and the company can interact. The simplest and less money costing way is to use the social media and if you are trying set up a different platform for your own company a social collaborative app is something you can use, it can use not only to collect customer reviews and data but you can also program it to assess customer satisfaction with the brand. 

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, the community is a diverse group of people and to survive a community must grow. Different platform is needed where community representative and agents of growth .i.e. companies can interact. 

· This is where an advisory council for the community is effective as it provides a platform where information be transferred. 

· From a business point of view, an advisory council does wonders in terms of employer branding because it gives you an insight into your target population.

· Advisory councils can also bring you amazing data about your company. 

· As the most important thing is the customer advisory councils give you data about the customer care and services through customer reviews after that it is your job that how you compile your data. 

· Compiling and sorting your data can be done through a collaborative app. 

· More ways to gain customer data are, starting from the cheapest one is creating a social media page where you can easily collect customer reviews and respond accordingly, this also keeps you in touch with the customer.

In addition, you can always try to keep the community engaged so that you can get maximum insight about your company and know exactly what the customer wants and what you have to do to keep them interested.