Event Management, the Upcoming Career

Posted at 15 May '17 by Kommio
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Event is generally a planned occasion for the purpose of celebration, marketing, education or a reunion. Event Management is derived from project management, in which managers organize festivals, conferences, concerts and formal parties etc. It may seem as a simple task but it requires a lot of hard slog, research and dedication. It is considered as the best industry to work in because planning an event teaches you a lot about how you sees an opportunity, time management, design or create a scenario as per customer’s demand within scarce resources. Also it helps you to grow as a business man, while dealing with all the operations, target market, accounts, supply chain management and meeting deadlines. Event Management comprises of certain features:


Firstly, Managers need to have clear aim about what they hope to achieve and how they want to achieve. Then a well synchronized plan should be made with defined timelines, in which every step is clearly assigned to the team. Any plan or even can never be executed without a proper objective.

Buildup of the Team:

Secondly , an incredible team is essential to take hold all of the detailed tasks, which includes committed marketers , vendors , entertainers, sponsors , technical crew and good communicators. Every department should be handed over to expertise of that domain, ensuring no delay in the process. Every negotiation with the suppliers should be finalized before instance to avoid any haphazard at the event day.

Selection of the Day:

Thirdly, if the day is not already decided, one should keep few things in mind before coming up with a date. 

· Event Managers should have 3 4 months to create and execute the master plan.

· There should be no political activity or religious holiday on that day. 

· Considering the nature of the event, check the availability of your team, entertainers and VIP guests.


Fourthly, Ann Handley rightly said “ Make the customer the hero of your story” It implies that customer don’t purchase what you offer but what has an incentive to them, and for creating that worth marketers should practice following tricks:

· Social Media Marketing

· Newspapers

· Posters

· Market Your Entertainers (if any)

· Giveaways

· PR Marketing

· Email Marketing

· Corporate Sponsorship

Other than this, design a logo and create a tagline to attract more and more customers. Name should be very catchy, and it should reflect the theme or the message that you want to convey any theme according to the current trends on social media can lift up your event.

Construction of the plan:

Lastly, the plan is the backbone of the events; it should fulfill all characteristics of the event. This includes the following:

· Setting of the Location, Coordination, and Food Preparation. 

· Prepared Representatives.

· Entertainment and thrills.

· Showcasing endeavors.

· Enrollment coordination. 

· Sponsorship or organization administration. 

· Volunteer administration.

Successful event requires a very efficient and intelligent team. Organizations depend on the team to do the arrangements and assignments while keeping in mind the pros and cons of each. Every effective team is comprises of following key skills;


Every worker should be fully aware of the details of the tasks, so there would be no chance of mistakes. Team members should be pro at multitasking because of the variation in the tasks.


They should have clear mindset about the budget of the event so they could negotiate and supervise the expense wisely.

Team Interaction:

Team should be united and cooperative. Every member should interact with other members to remove all the hurdles in achieving that one common goal.


Even if the team is diversified, every organizer should correspond and connect to others whether it’s a client or a supplier.


Team should have a short term and long term goal so they could help each other and stay motivated.

Event Management as an Industry:

Event Management is the center of a million ventures, which incorporates facilitating occasions of various size and semantics. Celebrating birthday parties and organizing weddings on a large scale is a social trend these days on which people are ready to spend their money. It could be personal professional, Cultural, religious and business related, the only thing that made all of this an event is an effective plan with extraordinary team work. It consists of following perks

· Due to no permanent location, working on an event is amusing because of travelling and meeting new people on every new destination.

· There is no routine; it is a project based work which requires a lot of hard work for creating something new and making it eye-catching for the society.

· Due to its different nature, it has a proper finish. Success and failure is very obvious in this genre and you’ll be rewarded immediately right after the execution. 

· Feedback will be given, while the event is still going on, so you can improve it there and then.

· As the event is dissimilar every time, it carries along unique challenges and strives to improve individually as a manager. 

Other than these perks, managers have to deal with several risk and problems, which includes natural disasters, political instability, environmental issues etc. These problems can ruin their event and their reputation, for that managers need to have contingency plans so that if something unexpected happens, team should be prepared already to tackle it. Events are experimental by their outlook. So supervision of them implies that you should engulf yourself in the occasion, and not simply tick activities off a rundown.